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On top of that, search engines like Google preach speed and optimization above all else, and this means you need to be vigilant about keeping your site fast and fresh. Given this reality, it seems odd that WordPress—the most widely-used platform for building and running websites—is so blasé about adding cruft to your site without your permission. This functionality has been restored in Thesis 2. 2. 4. Finally, I noticed while preparing the Thesis 2. 2. 4 update, so I went ahead and squashed that as well. Check out the for details on all the changes. One particular bugfix worth mentioning is the return of Thesis options on WordPress terms pages. The WordPress 4. 6 update knocked out the Thesis functionality for extended category/tag/taxonomy SEO + content, as well as the ability to select custom templates for these pages. To your site s HTML output without giving you a choice about whether or not you want or need it. In some cases, these items can add nearly 2kb of code to every page of your site! We now live in an era where performance is paramount, especially on mobile devices where connections are slower and attention spans are shorter. AndIn this free 33-page report, you'll discover: Many savvy webmasters are now choosing to run to help them optimize their sites for specific goals. However, because of a unique implementation requirement (the code is supposed to appear as close as possible to the opening head Tag), adding this to your Thesis site can be both challenging and annoying. Fortunately, we ve developed the free to make this process easier. If you d like to add Google Analytics Experiments to your site, follow our, and you ll be up and running in just a couple of minutes. Since 2015, the WordPress development teams have settled into a disturbing pattern of adding stuff

Check out our newest design, the mobile-optimized Flex Skin: After installing the update, be sure to save your design options to take advantage of this particular bugfix. Still running Thesis 1. x?

If so, you should as soon as possible! If you re still running the Thesis 1. x platform, you should as soon as possible. Thesis is more than just a WordPress theme it s a community of wonderful people who are dedicated to building better websites. Buy Thesis today to put your website on the cutting edge, and you ll also be able to learn from the Thesis pros in our members-only forums! All text and design is copyright 2008 2017 DIY themes, LLC.

Thesis nl. Worse, WordPress fails to provide you with an easy way to get rid of the stuff you don t need! Starting today, you will have access to Thesis 2. 2. 4 via automatic updates in your WordPress dashboard. While it s primarily just a compatibility update, this new version includes some subtle enhancements to the Thesis Admin as well as refinements to various Thesis API components.