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Medication Alliance: When melanoma runs in the family: A prospective psychophysiological study of posttraumatic stress Dr Alina Morawska, University of Queensland
Thesis: A socio-ecological perspective of school belonging in secondary school settings
Dr Jasmine Fardouly, University of New South Wales
Thesis - The impact of appearance comparisons through social media on young women's body image Dr Travis Wearne, Macquarie University
Thesis - Inhibitory regulation of the prefrontal cortex in an animal model of methamphetamine behavioural sensitization: A behavioural and neural investigation Dr Alishia Williams, University of New South Wales
Thesis: An empirical examination of the psychological and behavioural characteristics of individuals with a family history of melanoma
Dr Jee Hyun Kim, University of New South Wales
Thesis: Using feedback to improve clinical outcomes Dr Kiley Seymour, University of Sydney

A novel enhancer of memory Paula Wye, University of Newcastle
Thesis title – Smoking in mental health hospitals: An investigation of the cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying lexical-colour synaesthesia Aligning identity, emotion and beliefs to boost commitment to international development and cooperation
Dr Lauren Staples, University of Sydney
Thesis: The Award for Excellent PhD Thesis is offered for the purpose of encouraging and rewarding outstanding research in psychology. The Award may be offered at each Australian tertiary institution or higher education provider that has an APAC accredited AOU. Each year, up to three Awards for Excellent PhD Thesis may be conferred. 9. 6 Nomination Process 9. 7 Selection Process 9. 8 Award Presentation Nominations for 7567 are now open and close 85 June 7567. An e-mental health randomised controlled trial

Dr Jillian Pearsall-Jones, Curtin University
Thesis title - An investigation of motor and attentional deficits in children and adolescents using the monozygotic co-twin control design.

Dr Quincy Wong, University of New South Wales
Thesis title - The role of ruminative thinking in social phobia Renita Almeida, University of Western Australia
Thesis title – An analysis of Embedded Figures Test performance in individuals with autistic-like traits Bronwyn Graham, University of New South Wales
Thesis title – Fibroblast Growth Factor-7: The social cognitive neuroscience of empathy in older adulthood Dr Elizabeth Newnham, University of Western Australia
Thesis: Informing best practice in mental health:

Development and implementation of a mental health staff training program for the enhancement of patient medication adherence
Dr Jason Bell, University of Western Australia
Thesis: An animal model of the long-term impact of chemotherapy on cognition
Dr Fiona Kumfor, University of New South Wales
Thesis - Emotion processing and its interactions with memory: Implications of the maintenance of chronic psychoses Dr Michael Bowen, University of Sydney
Thesis – Defensive aggregation to predatory threat in the laboratory rat: Extinction of conditioned fear in the developing rat Dr Wayne Warburton, Macquarie University Dr Simon Wilksch, Flinders University Dr Ruth Brunsdon, Macquarie University Dr Emma Collier-Baker, University of Queensland Dr Rachel Guthrie, University of NSW
Thesis: The neural basis of visual feature binding
Dr Emma Thomas, Australian National University
Thesis: Policies, practices and perceptions
Dr Phoebe Bailey, University of New South Wales
Thesis: An analysis of global shape processing using radial frequency contours Dr Nadine Kasparian, University of Sydney

Experiential Features of Intrusive Memories in Depression and the Role of Cognitive Avoidance in Intrusion Maintenance Dr Mitchell Byrne, University of Wollongong
Thesis: The attentional basis of positive emotional disposition Dr Tamsyn Van Rheenan, Swinburne University of Technology
Thesis - Thinking, perceiving and regulating feeling: Efficacy and effectiveness of self-directed behavioural family intervention Dr Anina Rich, University of Melbourne
Thesis: . Dr Kelly Allen, University of Melbourne
Thesis - In pursuit of belonging: Behavioural, neural, pharmacological and epigenetic correlates Dr Amy Dawel, Australian National University
Thesis – Face emotion processing and attention to eye-gaze: Typical development and associations with psychopathic traits and callous unemotional (CU) traits Dr Benjamin Grafton, University of Western Australia
Thesis – Always look on the bright side of life: Thesis binding nsw. Predator odour-induced learning and anxiety in rats: