Task 1 essay

Imagine you visit 8 cities, you can write: I travelled from Edinburgh to Manchester to London. Using and Not the reason shy. Thanks for sharing your exam questions. You could write ocean ? Should be correct Not ocean?
I tried to find the difference between the two, but I couldn t find, so could you please explain to me? Also, I had my speaking test today, so I want to share with many students who will take test tomorrow. Thank you this was extremely helpful! Sounds good Diana! I usually include concluding paragraph in my task 6 writing, because I don t feel comfortable when I don t include it and I put the overview in the introduction - one sentence.

I m glad you found my lesson helpful. the diagram is not advanced as the modern diagram as of nowHi Simon
I m confused! Otherwise, rainwater may filter through the ground, reaching the impervious layer of the earth.
I thought that may be filtered Ground or rainwater?! )Hi Simon
water falls or waterfalls? This is only a preview. There are four main stages in this process, beginning with evaporation and ends with joining to the oceans. First, water evaporates to the air in the form of water vapor, eighty percent of which comes from the oceans. Heat from the sun causes water to evaporate, and water vapour condenses to form clouds. On purpose. Some of it may fall into lakes or return to the oceans via ‘surface runoff’. Otherwise, rainwater may filter through the ground, reaching the impervious layer of the earth. Is it a good idea? The figure illustrates the natural process of water circulation in the ground, the oceans and air.
I have a question for you.
why did you write oceans

I guess it should be AND instead of TO so that would be water passes from ocean to air AND land. I always appreciate you for this site I also used the diagram that you have posted and created a 8d model of it. I chose the plural because the diagram represents what happens to water in all of the oceans, not just one. Excuse me, I m just wondering if there s a tiny mistake in the introductory paragraph water passes from ocean to air TO land I found this essay so easy to understand, which helped me. (the label inside the rain on the diagram) is the second stage in the cycle.
In part 6, the questions was about
city/town where I live now. and the other questions(sorry I can t remember at the moment)
Part7 was. describe a kind of book you like -why, when did you start to read that kind of book, how often.
Part8 was. about the reading and book (the reason shy people read a book, what are the benefits, what s the government responsibility about public library. etc. )I hope this would be helpful for people.
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Your e-book: )Sorry, in the part 8. it s the reason why. Several people have asked me for the full essay for this question, so here it is! The diagram below shows the water cycle, which is the continuous movement of water on, above and below the surface of the Earth. The picture illustrates the way in which water passes from ocean to air to land during the natural process known as the water cycle. Three main stages are shown on the diagram. Ocean water evaporates, falls as rain, and eventually runs back into the oceans again. Beginning at the evaporation stage, we can see that 85% of water vapour in the air comes from the oceans. Why did I make this mistake?
(please explain it grammatically! )I m confused!
(Which one is subject? Overall, what goes up from the earth comes back to it. Or oceans. This prevents automated programs from posting comments. Having trouble reading this image? Your Information(Name is required. Am I right? I wrote to Task 1 essay.