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Education happens both inside and outside the classroom and a successful college career includes social as well as intellectual development. Do you have the luck of the Irish? With careful planning and enough time, it can be done. It s up to you to determine which side you agree with most and what s best, given your particular situation. Giving back over spring break can be one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences of a student’s life. With a few tips and tricks, budgeting can become second nature. Sidesplitting, serious and downright silly – these college flicks have it all. Use your alternative spring break to amp up your job search. Want to have fun over spring break, but don t have an unlimited budget? Try these unconventional, budget-friendly spring break ideas that you can plan at the last minute. If you forgot that you need a passport for your upcoming trip, there are still ways you can make it happen. Whether you re graduating and moving on into the real Paddy s Day quiz! Find out if you re lucky enough to show off your St. Patrick s Day knowledge! Begin planning and prepare for prom season, while keeping a realistic prom budget in mind. Consider the fact that, although you won’t be getting cash for your perfectly good book, there are still fun things you can do with it. How to learn the stuff that most grown-ups just seem to know about life. It s time to become a grown-up and file taxes - get the basics down. “Just wondering if an app is coming out soon for Fastweb because it s easier for my friends and I to use your service on our smartphones. Invest in your own success by getting involved! There are more than 160 clubs and organizations with opportunities to build confidence in abilities, practice teamwork and more. Customer service and community service are critical to OSL.

World or moving on to a grad program, this list will help you gain a head start in your new life. Unfortunately, admission officers don’t grant admission based on social and pop culture awareness. Find out by taking this St.

Merced, CA 95343 T: (209) 228-4400 2017 It d make everything so much. DeVos confirmed as Secretary of Education. Discover the importance of adding volunteer work and community service to your resume. Suggestions to fill your time while waiting to hear back from colleges. It can be difficult to go to an exotic place on a college budget.

More than 10 staff members and 20 student interns provide excellent customer service through support and encouragement. The Office of Student Life is here to encourage involvement in campus life, support student initiatives and serve as a primary liaison for students. Community service occurs throughout Merced County to promote engaged citizenship and for students to give back. Social JusticeOSL provides opportunities to explore diversity and appreciation of human differences, along with sense of self and impact on others. The first new American research university in the 21 st century, with a mission of teaching, research and public service. 5200 North Lake Rd. Student essays on life.