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Alternatively, you can find us on Twitter or and send us a message there. Www. thethinkingbusiness. comIn 1993 Adam Robinson, Co-founder of the Princeton Review, wrote a book called What Smart Students Know. Fill out the various sections of the mind map with your business information then export to M If you would like to promote your products or services to the Biggerplate community, then why not get in touch to see what we can offer. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for Biggerplate, we’d love to hear from you. Thousands of mind map templates and examples for business and education, available to download for free! I just noticed that this mind map is the highest rated of all mind maps and the most viewed in Education. I extended it to a new piece of educational content for informing or teaching kids, students or sentences, linking words, estructure most used to write an essay in EnglishThis is a mind map template for writing a business plan. It was created using imindmap software.

The remarkable thing about this book is that I revisited the food pyramid with a creative mind map. Search or browse the mind map library to find great mind mapping software maps created and shared by users from around the world! English Irregular Verbs for revision.

You can email us at [email protected] com and we’ll do our best to respond as quickly as possible. Www. thethinkingbusiness. comThis mind map provides an adaptable template for organising aspects of your life using MindManager. Do you procrastinate?

Summary of the great book The Now Habit by Neil Fiore. (check Litemind. com for more details and other mind maps). Map based on the content of the Managing Projects course taught at the University of Technology, Sydney. Based on the PMBOK methodologiesA mind map summary of Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats - produced using imindmap software. Thank This mind map summarises some of the key principles of personal development. Mind map for essay writing.