Duke undergraduate application essay

It’s your choice, but it matters what you do. A great university is a scene of constant combustion, where energies of intelligence and creativity are released in a bonfire no marshal could hope to contain. Like the Olympics, Duke is a community dedicated to the highest realization of human powers. President Brodhead's Advice to New Blue DevilsCampus PerspectivesEsteemed FacultyThe Duke Experience Hear alumni discuss the things that drive them and the ways Duke helped them discover and develop their abiding passions. We guide our students to find their own academic paths by helping them to reason, analyze and understand in unprecedented ways. Duke undergraduate application essay. The undergraduate experience at Duke is characterized by a spirit of academic energy, exploration and challenge. We are a research university with resources to connect undergraduate education to the processes of inquiry and discovery. Commemoration on Sunday, Jan. 15. On the evening of Wednesday, December 14, Duke Admissions released decisions online to early decision applicants. 861 students joined the Blue Devil family. We provide an incredible variety of opportunities for students to enhance and supplement in-class learning with hands-on experiences, service in the community both locally and globally and development of leadership skills. Senior, Cultural AnthropologySenior, Cultural Anthropology give you a window into real life at Duke. student/faculty ratioof undergraduates participate in faculty researchof classes have fewer than 19 studentsdomestic and international learning opportunitiesWe view education not only as a gateway to personal development, but also as a pathway for improving society. Within the ranks of Duke's 2,500+ faculty are scholars of national and international prominence in every area of academic study. Our athletes play because they love the game, they love their teammates and they love to represent the Blue Devils. At Duke University, we are a team. To turn Duke opportunities into your personal strengths, you have to want them, reach out to them, and actively incorporate them into your life. 5th largest research university in the nation 70% of classes enroll
fewer than 19Ready to Visit? Ready to Apply? Duke University's President and Provost have emphasized their continuing support of students, as well as the free and open exchange of ideas, following the Trump Administration's confusing and disturbing restrictions on immigration to the United States. Phil Freelon, the principal architect of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC), will deliver the keynote address for Duke University’s annual Martin Luther King Jr.

Duke students explore ideas by collaborating directly with our exceptional faculty in a program of study that focuses on interdisciplinary exploration. A student s education doesn t end at the classroom door. Learn more about these new members of Duke 2021. Vincent Price, provost of the University of Pennsylvania since 2009, has been elected Duke University’s tenth president. Undocumented students will now be reviewed using same need-blind process as applicants who are US citizens or permanent residents. For our graduates, it's Forever Duke.