Book report on leadership and self deception

You'll find those ideas and many more in this Ed World archive.
Students create book jacket book reports.
Students create a quiz to check their own book learning.
Students create commercials for books they've read.
Students use a story-mapping template to create a story box.
Students retell a story in simple words and pictures.
Students use an outline format to practice picking out important details of a book.
Students demonstrate their understanding of a book by writing an acrostic poem.
Students create a map highlighting places described in the story.
Students match book characters with astrological signs. Book Report Recipe
Students write a recipe for a good book.
Can you judge a book by its cover?
Students appeal to their classmates' stomachs by making an edible book report. Book Report Scavenger Hunt
This book report format focuses on grammar. Paperless Book Reports
Kids make powerful points with technology.
Mini book reports hold big ideas. And the Winner is
Students create a medal and award it to the Best Book of the Year.
Who is that character?
What would Batman be if he couldn't be a super hero?
Students turn books into comic books. Just Say the Word
Students use a glossary they have written to create their own word search.
Students explore setting on the Internet.
Tell it with picture books!
They won't be able to contain their enthusiasm for this book report project.
Invite students to be book publicists. Character Trait Venn Diagram
A Venn diagram encourages students to make connections.
Use this book report activity to supplement a lesson in descriptive prose writing.
Students must consider setting, character, plot, and more in this book reporting activity. Grocery Bag Literacy
Bag customers' groceries in students' book reports. Thumbs Up or Down?
Turn your classroom critics into savvy reviewers with this book report activity.
Find out if they're really reading or just going through the motions!
Students create life-size portraits of characters in books they've read. Once Upon a Timeline
Students create a timeline of important events in a book.
Students create a Concentration-style game related to a book just read.
Readers become screenwriters in this novel activity.
Are your students reading for meaning?
Introduce students to the complexities of characterization and motivation. Dear Author,
Encourage students to respond to what they have read. Book Report Bingo
Students play Book Report BINGO. Create a Card Catalog
Students create a card catalog for books they read throughout the year. Book Report Sandwich
Whet students' appetite for reading with the ingredients for a well-balanced book report.  
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